As of May 2015 Henriksen Yacht Services became H.Y.S. and is owned and run by Rasmus Petersen and Damien Besse.

H.Y.S. has a 250 m2 workshop space which houses a spray booth, stainless steel, painting and fibreglass facilities. Coupled with a large fleet of vans to meet boats wherever they are based, H.Y.S. is equipped to fulfil the demands of its clients all across the Mediterranean and further afield.

H.Y.S. has a permanent staff of 8 experienced shipwrights/joiners, as well as a large network of trusted partners, which enables H.Y.S. to take on jobs of any size and carry out the work to the highest quality at competitive rates.

The H.Y.S. team can provide maximum flexibility to suit your needs, a personalised service and quick response to requests and enquiries.