We covers all aspects of teak deck work from manufacturing brand new decks to sanding, replacing planks and re-caulking.

New Teak Decks

We will discuss the project in detail before and during the work explaing the process and time schedule and remove the old decks, prepare and fit the new decks with precision and craftsmanship.

Replacing of Teak Planks

We remove the teak planks with machines and mill the lumber in our work shop to correspond with the width of planks on the yacht, glue them in and caulk them.

Re-caulking Teak Decks

Our recaulking procedure is with self guided tools, with dust extraction and we always follow the procedure of the manufacturer chosen. We charge for teak decks on large yacht per linear meter and smaller yachts are quoted.

We also recaulk windows and in general use Sikaflex 295 with the corresponding primer. Pricing is per linear meter.

Sanding of Teak Decks

We sand our teak decks with 60 & finish with 80 grit. We charge in general a square meter price on large boats and on smaller boats we give a quote.

All our machines have dust extraction so we leave a minimum of dust behind.